Have You Been Let Down by the Insurance Commission of WA?

Share Your Story and Help Us Advocate for Fairer Regulations

Welcome to our campaign to bring justice and fairness to insurance claimants in Western Australia. If you've faced difficulties with ICWA, whether through workers' compensation, car crashes not your fault, or other claims, your experience matters now more than ever.

Dr Brian Walker is committed to fighting for your rights in Parliament. We understand the frustration and hardship that comes from being denied a fair payout. That's why we're gathering stories from individuals like you—to shine a light on the real impact of ICWA's tightened regulations and to push for the changes we desperately need.

How You Can Help:

  1. Share Your Story: Your personal experience can make a difference. By filling out the form below, you provide us with the real-life evidence we need to advocate for fairer regulations.
  2. Raise Awareness: By sharing this page with friends, family, and on social media, you help amplify our message and reach more people who might be struggling in silence.

Why This Matters:

The government has been siding with insurance companies over individuals, making it increasingly difficult to get the compensation you deserve. Together, we can hold them accountable and push for a system that works for the people, not just the insurers.

All stories will be anonymised before being shared in Parliament or in any public forums. Your identity will be protected, and your experiences will be used solely to advocate for the changes we all need.

Let's work together to hold ICWA accountable and ensure that every claimant gets the justice they deserve. Your story can be a powerful tool for change.


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